Fiber Installation

Here is what you can expect once you have signed up to receive connectivity to the Fiber Network and your neighborhood has been selected for construction.

First, a Mulberry Telecommunications employee will attempt to contact you at your residence. If for some reason you are not home a door hanger explaining the next steps will be left on your front door. They are as follows:

1) You need to either Opt-In or Opt-Out in terms of connecting to the fiber

     - To do this online:

     - Printed Copies are also available in our business office

                    Location: 116 S. Glick St.

                                      Mulberry, IN 46058

2) Once you Opt-In and we are ready:

     - A Mulberry Telecommunications employee will come to your residence and "White Line" the path the Fiber will travel to           connect from the Main Feeder Line (located in the street or alley) to your home. Once this is done it is important for you             to contact us if there is a reason you do not approve of the path. At that time we will look to see if adjustments can be                made. We also need to be aware of: Sprinkler Systems, Underground Dog Fences, etc...

                         * What does "White Line" mean?

                               - We will utilize a white spray paint to show the path

3) Locating Utilities

    - When ready we will call in locates for your property. This will show us the path your Major Utilities take to get to your home.

4) Burying the Fiber

    - Mulberry Telecommunications has contracted Berry It Inc. to bury the fiber. They will be responsible for bringing the fiber         and duct to your home. Berry It Inc. will utilize small machinery to assist in digging a trench to your home. In most cases,             after a week or so, you won't be able to tell they buried anything in your yard.

5) Fiber Splicing

    - At this point, even though the Fiber is physically buried to your house, the Main Feeder Line will still need to be spliced.              This step allows us to offer services on the Fiber.

6) Installation

    - This is the final step in the process. After the Splicing is complete we will contact you to schedule your installation. This is a          pretty simple process, but it will require someone to be home.



The pictures above show flags and temporary paint marks of the located utilities.