Worry Free Wireless

Managed WiFi Solutions from Mulberry Telecommunications

Remote access allows Mulberry Telecommunications to Troubleshoot and Diagnose intermittent wireless signals associated within your commercial or residential network. With this service we can typically fix the problem remotely without sending a technician to your home. This feature saves time and money. Other benefits include: Parental Controls, Timers, Port Forwarding, and Bandwidth Tracking. Bandwidth Tracking allows us to see if the consumer is maxing out their bandwidth. If so, we can provide graphs to the consumer to show them that upgrading to the next package is a well informed and educated decision. Worry Free Wireless takes the guess work out of the equation... Problem Solved!

One-Time Programming Fee:          $49.95

Managed WiFi & Lease Fee:        $7.99 / mo.

* 1 year service agreement required

Benefits Overview:

Free Router Replacement*

Tech Support Included

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Upgrades

Port Forwarding

Features: Parental Controls, Timers

* Free Router Replacement covers normal wear and tear including power surges caused by lightning. However, it does not cover lost or damaged routers due to uncommon circumstances such as accidental or intentional abuse.


Worry Free Wi-Fi

Mesh Wireless Extenders

Wireless Mesh Extenders extend the wireless signal in your home or business. This allows for extended coverage into areas of your home that a wireless router cannot reach.


One-Time Programming Fee:          $19.95 ea.

Managed WiFi & Lease Fee:        $2.99 / mo. each


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