Mulberry TV "How To" Videos

Mulberry Telecommunications now has a YouTube Channel committed to bringing you the latest tutorials and how to videos. Check back from time to time as we will be uploading new content often.

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How To Use Mulberry Digital TV Pay Per View (PPV)

1. Select "Guide" on your remote control

2. Enter Channel # 23 or HD # 323

3. Scroll to the event you wish to order

4. Select the event by pressing "OK" on your remote control

5. Select "Buy/Rent PPV"

6. Enter your pin number (call our business office at 765-296-2885 if you are unsure of this #)

7. Enjoy the Show

*Please note that the price of the event varies. Use caution when purchasing PPV as some events

can be very expensive. By purchasing the event and entering your pin, you agree to pay for the event.