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Capital Credits

Because the telecommunications industry requires lots of capital, and because Mulberry Telecommunications is a non-profit organization that returns its profits to its members, we look for every possible avenue to keep the costs of new equipment, services, and other investments as low as possible.

By using what are called “Capital Credits” to finance new products and services, Mulberry Telecommunications is able to avoid finance charges and other costs that ultimately affect the member’s cost. Capital Credits are essentially the profits that will be paid to our members once the Board of Directors has determined that it is economically feasible to do so.

For the past ten years Mulberry Telecommunications has given back around $3,000,000.00 to our members.

If the Board of Directors deem it feasible to pay out capital credits to our members they will make the announcement at our Annual Meeting held in April each year. Once approved the checks are typically mailed to the members around Thanksgiving. It is of upmost importance to keep a valid address on file to ensure you receive your capital credits check.

Affidavit of Survivorship (Estate Form)

Affidavit of Survivorship (No Estate Form)

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