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Telephone Support

Below are the best ways to contact us when you experience trouble

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Telephone Support & FAQ's
I have no dial tone.

1) Verify you have no phones off the hook

2) Unplug all of your telephones from the telephone jack and power outlet (If applicable).

3) Plug one telephone back in and see if you have dial tone.

If dial tone is not restored please call us at 765.296.9900 or contact us here to create a trouble ticket

I have a static on my telephone line.

Please call us at 765.296.9900 or contact us here to create a trouble ticket

I am on the "Do Not Call List" yet I still receive telemarketing calls.

The best advice we can provide here is to write down the number calling you, if you have Caller ID and report it to the Attorney General's office. Unfortunately, many robo calls and scammers will use a technique called "Spoofing" to hide the actual number they are calling from. It will make the call appear as though it is local when it is not. Please see our "Tip Card" below for how to deal with unwanted Robo calls and Scammers.

Telephone Number Portability
"I would like to change my service provider to Mulberry Telecommunications, but I want to keep my phone number."

Good News! Number Portability allows you to keep your current number while changing your service provider. To initiate this process fill out the "Standard Letter of Agency to Transfer a Phone Number" request form.

Porting your telephone number to Mulberry Telecommunications is FREE. However, if you cancel and do not do so within 72 hours of the scheduled port date, you will be charged as follows:

Telephone Number Portability Cancellation Fees

  • LNP Cancellation – if LNP is cancelled at least 72 hours before scheduled port date = $0.00

  • LNP Cancellation – if LNP is cancelled 48 hours before scheduled port date = $15.00 per number

  • LNP Cancellation (Expedite) – if LNP is cancelled 24 hours before scheduled port date = $75.00 per number

  • LNP Cancellation (Snapback)* – if LNP is cancelled on the scheduled port date = $300.00 per number


*Snapbacks are subject and dependent on the losing carrier's agreement to reinstate the number on the port date.

Backup Battery Policy and Disclosure

Backup power for home phone services during power outages

For many years, your land-line telephone would allow you to stay connected to emergency voice services during a power outage. However, if your residential voice telephone service is provided using fiber optics rather than the traditional twisted pair copper-based line, the residential voice telephone service requires backup battery power to continue functioning during a power outage. To avoid a disruption of home voice service during a power outage, and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services, Mulberry Telecommunications offers you the option of purchasing a backup battery for your home phones.

What your battery can – and can’t – do for you

The backup battery for fiber optic voice service allows you to continue to use your voice services during a power outage. Without a backup battery or alternate backup power source such as a generator, customers with fiber, fixed wireless or coaxial cable delivered services will not be able to make calls, including emergency calls to 911. The only way to maintain the ability to use your voice service is by using some form of backup power.

Mulberry Telecommunications Policy

Our Policy here at Mulberry Telecommunications is to continue our existing policy of offering the initial battery backup to our customers at no charge. Therefore, our customers who take our phone service will not need to purchase the initial backup battery system. However, if a Replacement battery is required for any reason, the customer will be responsible for that cost. In addition, Mulberry Telecommunications is required to offer an additional 16 hours of battery backup capacity (for a total of 24 hours) to a customer if they want it, at the customers cost. We will charge for any additional batteries that a customer wants beyond the initial 8 hours (one Battery unit).

Precision Power Battery Backup.png

The 8 hr. Solution is expandable by stacking additional 8 hr. batteries as shown below.

Precision Power Battery Backup 2.png
Other Telephone Support Information

Unwanted Robocalls / Phone Scams

Quick Dial Assistance                         Number                                 Cost

Local Directory Assistance                    1411                           .50 per number

Human Services                                       211                            see 211 website

Your telephone number                         511                                     free

Telecommunications Relay Service       711                            see 711 website

Indiana Underground Service                811                           see 811 website

Emergency Response Service                911                                      free


Lifeline and Linkup Telephone Assistance
Lifeline provides a monthly discount on basic local telephone service for eligible consumers. Contact our Office for more information.

Lifeline Assistance Program

In order to increase the availability of telecommunication and broadband services to all consumers in its ILEC serving area, Mulberry Telecommunications offers a low income assistance program: Lifeline Assistance. Any subscriber who meets the low income eligibility criteria and lives within the Mulberry Telecommunications ILEC service area is eligible for participation in this program.

For more information about the Lifeline Assistance Program click the button below.

Consumer Tips to Stop Unwanted Robocalls and Avoid Phone Scams

Tip Card:

  • Don't answer calls from unknown numbers. If you answer such a call, hang up immediately.

  • You may not be able to tell right away if an incoming call is spoofed. Be aware: Caller ID showing a "local" number does not necessarily mean it is a local caller.

  • If you answer the phone and the caller - or a recording - asks you to hit a button to stop getting the calls, you should just hang up. Scammers often use this trick to identify potential targets

  • Do not respond to any questions, especially those that can be answer with "Yes."

  • Never give out personal information such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, mother's maiden names, passwords or other identifying information in response to unexpected calls or if you are at all suspicious.

  • If you get an inquiry from someone who says they represent a company or a government agency, hang up and call the phone number on your account statement, in the phone book, or on the company's or government agency's website to verify the authenticity of the request. You will usually get a written statement in the mail before you get a phone call from a legitimate source, particularly if the caller is asking for a payment.

  • Use caution if you are being pressured to information immediately.

  • If you have a voice mail account with your phone service, be sure to set a password for it. Some voicemail services are preset to allow access if you call in from your own phone number. A hacker could spoof your home phone number and gain access to your voicemail if you do not set a password.

  • Talk to your phone company about call blocking tools they may have and check into apps that you can download to your mobile device to block unwanted calls.

  • If you use robocall-blocking technology already, it often helps to let that company know which numbers are producing unwanted calls so they can help block those calls for you and others.

  • To block telemarketing calls, register you number on the Do Not Call List. Legitimate telemarketers consult the list to avoid calling both landline and wireless phone numbers on the list.

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