Calling Feature How To's & Definitions

3 Way Calling

Three Way Calling lets you dial your own three-party calls


To add a third person to your call:

(1) Depress the hookswitch to place the first caller on "hold".

(2) Listen for three tones and dial tone.

(3) Dial the phone number of the 3rd party.

(4) After the 3rd party answers, depress the hookswitch to take the first caller off 'hold' for three way calling. If you get a busy signal or no answer, press the hookswitch to reconnect to the original caller.

To discontinue three-way calling:

(1) Hang up.

(2) Have added party hang up.

(3) Depress hookswitch to disconnect the 3rd party.
To add a different 3rd party, repeat the steps for adding a 3rd person.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting lets you take a second call while you're on the phone, even allowing you to switch back and forth between callers.

To use Call Waiting:

(1) Listen for the soft beep/tone while you're on a call.

(2) EITHER Hang up and the 2nd call will automatically ring in OR depress and release the hookswitch to place the 1st caller on hold and answer the second, incoming call.

(3) To alternate between callers, depress and release the hookswitch.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding lets you forward your calls to any number, local or long distance.

To activate call forwading:

(1) Press 72 then #.

(2) Listen for dial tone

(3) enter the forwarding number (if the number is long distance, you must enter 1-area code-number)

(4) Listen for for the forwarded call to ring

(5) if someone answers on the other end, call forwarding is activated.

* NOTE * If you are call forwarding to a long distance number, you will be charged for a long distance call. If no one answers on the forwarded number, you must repeat the steps list above, wait until you hear confirming tones.

To de-activate Call Forwarding:

(1) dial 73 and #

(2) Listen for 2 short tones.

Busy Redial/Automatic Call Back

Automatic Call Back will let you re-dial the last number called from your phone. ACB works whether the call was answered or not.

To use Busy Redial:

(1.) when you hear a busy signal, depress the switchhook and release quickly.

(2.) Listen for a special tone. If you have already hung up, listen for the normal tone.

(3.) Press *66 . A special ringback will alert you to the call being completed.


To cancel Busy Redial:

(1.) lift the phone, press the switchhook and listen for confirmation or press *86.

Call Return/Automatic Recall

Automatic Recall will let you automatically call back the last number that called you. Call return works whether you answered the call or not.


To use Call Return:
(1.) Pick up the phone and listen for normal dial tone.

(2.) Dial *69. If the line is busy your phone will keep trying for 30 minutes. If the call is completed, you will hear a special ring on your side indicating the call is going through.


To cancel Call Return

(1.) press *89 and listen for confirmation.

Customer Originated Trace

Customer Originated Trace lets you track harassing phone calls through the telephone company.

When you get a harassing or annoying phone call:

(1.) depress the hook-switch and release quickly.

(2.) Listen for a special dial tone.

(3.) If you have already hung up, immediately pick up the phone and dial *57 .

(4.) Listen for the confirmation announcement that the last call has been traced.

(5.) Hang up. The trace is recorded by Mulberry Telephone.

* NOTES * Customer Originated Traces must be done immediately after receiving the call. COT with only trace the last call received. If you get another call in between, you will have traced the wrong caller. Customer Originated Traces will only be given to the local law enforcement authorities with a proper court order.

Other Feature Definitions:

Selective Call Rejections

Selective Call Rejection will allow you to define a list of Calling Numbers to be screened. Any calling number on the list will be routed to announcements and rejected. All other calls will be treated normally. The rejected caller will hear an announcement that the called party is not presently accepting calls.

You can review and change the list at any time. Refer to instructions in your Mulberry Telephone book.

Selective Call Forwarding

Selective Call Forwarding will allow you to have a selected number forwarded to another number, local or long distance. When a call is received from a number on your SCF screening list, the call will be forwarded to the preset number you assigned. All other calls will be treated normally. If the calling number can not be identified the call will be treated normally. You can review and change the list at any time. Refer to instructions in your Mulberry Telephone book.

Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Acceptance allows you to define a list of number that you will accept calls from. Any callers not on your list will hear an announcement and the call will be rejected. You can review and change the list at any time. Refer to instructions in your Mulberry Telephone book.



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