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Understanding Your Bill

Prorated Bill
You may be billed for a partial month of service in addition to the regular monthly charges on your statement. A partial month charge may occur on your first statement or when you add services to your account. In addition, if you cancel or remove a service you may see a partial month credit (-) for services that were previously billed but not used. A partial month amount simply reflects a charge or credit for services, for any period less than a full month.

Monthly Billing Cycle
You are billed for one month of service at the start of your billing period. Chargeable ON DEMAND, Pay-Per-View, and any long distance are billed on a per use basis. Charges for these services appear on the bill after you’ve used the service. In rare instances charges may take longer to come through and appear two bill cycles from the use.

Due Date & Late Payment
Your payment is due upon receipt of your bill. If not paid by the 17th of the billed month, late fees apply. If you are in arrears and your statement due date is ‘due on receipt’, make your payment immediately to avoid service interruption. Late payments are subject to late payment fees. Customers in arrears for $50 or more will be disconnected, on or after, 5 business days into the following month.

Manage your account on
You can manage your account online at In addition to viewing your balance, you may view unbilled charges, view current or previous billing statements, stop your paper bill, make a one-time electronic payment, or report a problem.

Where to mail your payment
If time permits, you should mail your payment back to *Mulberry Telecommunications in the envelope included with your bill. If you’d like to get your payment to us faster, you may put your payment in our drop box located at the main office (116 S. Glick St. Mulberry, IN 46058) or use an overnight delivery service or U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.


*Please note if you are mailing your payment you need to send it to our Post Office Box: P.O. Box 370 Mulberry, IN 46058.

Paying at the last minute
Mulberry Telecommunications offers convenient ways to make a fast, one-time payment. Click here to pay by making a one-time payment using a credit card or call our automated secure payment system at 765.296.2885 (select option "pay bill"). There is no charge for using either of these services.

Electronic Funds Transfer
You can enroll in Mulberry Telecommunication's automatic bill pay service by calling a Customer Service Representative. You can also download the appropriate authorization form below. Autopay is a safe and convenient way to pay your Mulberry Telecommunications bill without having to write a check each month. If you choose to participate, your payment will be automatically withdrawn from the checking account, savings account, debit or credit card of your choice. Mulberry Telecomunications Autopay program is fast, convenient, and free! Set up AutoPay/Recurring Payments and schedule your payments  from your computer, smart phone or tablet using SmartHub. Click here to sign up for SmartHub Recurring Payments.

ACH Credit Card Authorization Form

ACH Checking Account Authorization Form

Equipment supplied by Mulberry Telecommunications is the property of Mulberry Telecommunications and needs to be returned at the time of service disconnection. If the equipment is not returned, Mulberry Telecommunications will add charges for unreturned equipment to your final bill. Please return equipment promptly to avoid additional charges and to protect your credit rating.

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