Connect to the Fiber Optic Network

Complete the form below to connect your property to the NEW Fiber Optic Network. Opt in now and we will connect your property free of charge. Once your neighborhood is selected, A Berry-It Inc. representative will contact you to schedule a site survey on your property. Then, Mulberry Telecommunications will follow up with you to initiate your service when the fiber network in your area is complete.


Should you choose "Not" to connect your property to the network when your neighborhood is selected, it is important to know, that free installation will no longer be available. In Addition, at some point after the Fiber Project is complete the old Copper Network will be terminated leaving you without service through Mulberry Telecommunications.

Fiber Links:


116 S. Glick St.

Mulberry, IN 46058


T: 765-296-2885 (Office)

T: 765-296-9900 (Tech Support) 

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