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The Process

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Opting-In for Fiber Optics

In order to bury fiber optics to your home, we must have an interest form on file. To be clear, the interest form is in no-way a financial obligation to take our fiber optic services. However, it does give us permission to bury the cables necessary, to deliver fiber optic services, at your residence/business when or if we deem your neighborhood ready for construction.

To Opt-In please visit: 

  • Enter your House Number, your Zip Code and select "Lookup"

  • From the populated list find your address, select your address, and then select "Next"

       - Depending on available services in your area, you will be directed to fill out an interest, pre-construction, or sign-up form

  • Once your form is complete, select "Submit"

       - If any additional information is required, a member of our customer service team will reach out to you.

Here is what you can expect once you have signed up to receive connectivity to the Fiber Network and your neighborhood has been selected for construction.

1. Main Cable Deployment

    When construction begins, locates will be called in and flags and paint will be used to mark major utilities in the area.


 This process involves two steps.

  • Step 1: Bury the Conduit

  • Step 2: Blow-In the Fiber Optic Cable

Though a simple two step process, depending on the size of the job this can take several months.


2. Drops

  • Once the main cable has been placed, a construction crew will then begin to bury the drops to each individual house that has “Opted-In” on our website at: for the Fiber Optic Services.

       - Once again, if another locate is needed, flags and paint will be used to mark major utilities on the property.

  • Please note:

       A:  You do not need to have our service to “Opt-In.”

             - By opting-in you are simply giving us permission to bury the conduit up to your home for future consideration. This is                  preferred, as it is much more convenient to complete the construction while we are in the area. Should you choose to                  take our services in the future the transition will be much quicker and more convenient for everyone involved as your                  home will already be prepped for Fiber.

      B:  What happens If you have our service and DO NOT Opt-In for Fiber?

            - There will come a day in the near future that we will no longer offer services on the old copper lines. They are just                         that,  old and antiquated. This upgrade is free to the customer and offers many benefits. Failure to convert to the                         Fiber means that there will come a day where you will have to choose to upgrade to the fiber or select another                             provider. Again, it is much more convenient for all parties involved to make the change while we are in your area. This                 will avoid any delays or interruption in service.


3. Splicing

  • Once the Main Cable is deployed and Drops are being buried, the Fiber Optics will go into a splicing phase. This process allows us to connect the Fiber at your home to our Central Office in preparation for services to be active on your new Fiber Optic lines. This is a very intricate process that will take some time to complete.


4. Installation

  • Once Splicing is complete, we will contact you to schedule your installation. It will be important to return our calls/emails quickly to avoid delays, as our calendar fills up fast.


Once installation is complete you will be a member of our Fiberhood!

The pictures above show flags and temporary paint marks of the located utilities.

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