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Site Survey

Here is what you can expect once you have signed up to receive connectivity to the Fiber Network and your neighborhood has been selected for construction.

First, in order to prepare your property to connect to the Fiber Optic Cables, Mulberry Telecommunications has contracted Berry It Inc. to perform a site survey of your property.

The purpose of this appointment with a Berry It Inc. representative is to:

1) Determine the location of the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on the side of your house.


2) Survey your yard to determine the new drop cable route.

The appointment with the property owner usually takes less than 30 minutes.

1) Locating the ONT: The location of the ONT will usually be on the exterior of the

premise next to the electrical power entrance to comply with the National Electric

Code, which allows us to utilize the power ground wire. Also, in order to utilize the

existing telephone wiring inside the home, we prefer to mount the ONT in the same

location as the existing Network Interface Device (NID). Otherwise additional wiring

is needed. The exact location of the ONT will be decided during the appointment.

2) Survey the yard: Once the location of the ONT has been determined, a route for

the new Fiber Optic Drop from the Fiber Hand Hole to the ONT can be completed.

However, during your site survey appointment it is important for the property owner

to make the representative aware of any private electrical wires, drain tiles, sprinkler

systems, outdoor furnace lines, propane lines, underground pet fences, or any other

items that may impact the installation of the new fiber optic cable. The representative

will draw a detailed sketch of the property showing all existing items along the path

and draw the route of the new cable.

{Please Note: Before any construction begins, The Berry It Inc. representative will call in the Major Utility Locates and have the yard marked with temporary spray paint &/or flags.}

The pictures above show flags and temporary paint marks of the located utilities.

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